ACTLab 2019

ACTLab Conference 2019

“Reboot the Noösphere!
Re-wilding the Infinite Network”

June 28-29, 2019
at The VORTEX, Austin, Texas

The annual ACTLab conference brings together artists, technicians, performers, hackers, scholars, and the original ACTLab community for two days of celebration, and the chance to show each other what we’ve been doing and thinking. The focus of the conference is the animating idea of the ACTLab: MAKE STUFF!


About ACTLab

ACTLab Circle

From the Website:

“The UT ACTLab was a radical new kind of experimental program based on interactive, collaborative, student-centered learning, created by a unique international and transdisciplinary group of artists, scholars, teachers, techies, and hackers. Founded in 1993 by Allucquere Rosanne (Sandy) Stone, our special qualities derived from courses and activities based on the ACTLab’s unique pedagogy; our custom multimodal studio specifically designed for ACTLab work; the enthusiasm and dedication of our community; the guiding vision of our directors, visiting artists and lecturers; and our students’ broad spectrum of interests.”

The ACTLab has gone on to be an international movement that has influenced and played major roles in multiple fields and disciplines.

Multiple sister programs have stemmed from the ACTLab both formally and informally. Below are some links to help you become acquainted with the ACTLab community and history.

Official ACTLab Website:

Sister Group The Convergent Media Collective:

ACTLab Articles and Information:

Under The Radar By Sandy Stone

2018 ACTLab Conference ReCap By Joseph Lopez and Jonathan Guajardo

The ACTLab ToolBox By The ACTLab Community

The BMC Effect By Jonathan Guajardo

Lived Realities of Running an ACTLab:

No Stone Untenured

Academia and the New World

Read the ACTLab website

Read Sandy’s tale of how we got here